For Developers

# For Developers

We launched a free trial version for developers. If you are interested in eSIM products, please contact us directly to apply for sample eUICC cards. At the same time, developers can enjoy a free trial on our platform for free and have a quick start to connect your devices.

Item Description
eUICC Samples Each user can apply for up to 10 sample eUICC cards for free, with 10 MB data included for initial connectivity. If you need more to get your IoT project up and running, talk to our expert and we’ll guide you through the order and provisioning step by step.
Developer Account he SDK and the platform API can be integrated and used free of charge. The trial account can import 200 Profiles for free. If you need more for commercial use at a large scale or upgrade your account, you can contact us to purchase the enterprise version.
Testing eSIM Profile To facilitate you to try our eSIM services quickly, we offer testing eSIM Profiles (with 50 MB data for free) , which will be valid for 1 month.

# For Enterprises

If you have already approved of our products and want to officially equip eSIM with your new product , you can learn about the pring mode of the enterprise version as shown in the following table:

Items Descriptions
Operator’s Profile Download Service Fee Billed per eSIM download license Downloading Operator’s Profile will be charged by the number of Profiles imported, price may differ depending on the different quantity for PO order each time.
Bootstrap Connectivity Service Fee Billed at service fee license per year Each eUICC comes with bootstrap connectivity, which can be activated and renewed any time within 1 year. 50 MB global data will be provided each year, with a speed limit of 128 kbps.
eUICC chip Billed Per eUICC chip,
Standard eUICC cards certified by GSMA/CAICT, price differs from form factors (consumer-grade, industrial-grade, automotive-grade).

# Private Deployment and Customization

For state-owned enterprises or big IoT enterprises, on-premise deployment with specific needs or private eSIM networks are required to take full control of the network infrastructure. If you are a government customer, or a special institution that needs private deployment, or you need customized development due to regulatory restrictions, please contact us directly. We will provide solution and quotation tailored for your application scenario, you can trust a dedicated eSIM experts with proven experience for your consultant in your eSIM network deployment.

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