Q: What is Bootstrap Connectivity used for? How to use it?

A: The device has no network connectivity when it leaves the factory. The preinstalled bootstrap profiles enable the device initial connectivity. The user can connect the device with his platform via bootstrap profile, and download operational Profile for internet access. If your network access is not unavailable, you can switch the device network back to Bootstrap, restore the connection with the platform and download operational Profile just in case.

Q:Can the Lookup Server be automatically integrated with any Operator’s SM-DP+ by API?

A: At present, our LookUp Server can be automatically integrated with Redtea Mobile’s SM-DP+ by API. If you choose Redtea Mobile’s SM-DP+ or an Operator using Redtea Mobile’s SM-DP+ service, you only need to submit the eSIM Profile purchase order. We can obtain the eSIM ACs and import them to the platform automatically, and then manage and provision the Profiles seamlessly. We are trying to test with more SM-DP+ vendors, Operators and GSMA SMDS, and will make announcement when new SM-DP+ vendors/Operators are on board.

Q:Have you gone through the compatibility test of configuring your eUICC with any Operator or SM-DP+ vendors to ensure interoperability and connectivity?

A: Yes. The following is a list of SM-DP+ vendors or Operators compatible with our eUICC.

List of SM-DP+ Platforms Supported by Redtea Mobile’s eSIM

Q:The application of Consumer eUICC and LPA in IoT scenarios has not been officially recognized by GSMA, does it conform to the GSMA specification and future-proof for long-term industrial development?

A:GSMA has defined two eSIM specifications, respectively for M2M and Consumer. However, the specification for M2M was designed relatively early and has not been updated in the last 5 years, which has technology and large-scale commercialization limitations. At the same time, GSMA has made a new attempt in the latest SGP31 specification, in which the design-friendly Consumer RSP architecture is utilized to support IoT scenarios. Therefore, the application of Consumer RSP design to IoT can be actually implemented on a large scale and conforms to the long-term industrial development trend. And we will carry out the standard product development and iteration in time after the official release of SGP31, to ensure the compatibility with existing customers' products.